doTERRA Root to Tip Serum Review


*Before we begin I would like to note that I don’t sell doTERRA and this is not a sponsored post of any kind.


I thought that I might offer some insight into my experience with doTERRA’s Root to Tip Serum. I was actually quite impressed with the results, but there are some negatives worth noting as well.

My hair type is fine and dry. I have blonde hair and it is quite a challenge to grow out. I bleached my hair my senior year in high school and my hair has never quite recovered. After dying it I didn’t take any precautions to deep condition it, etc. It took two years, and I am not joking when I say two years, for my bleached hair to grow all the way out. My hair has never grown that fast, but that was a new low.

I began to be more and more dissatisfied with how my hair was looking, stringy and flat. I began getting more trims, using a leave in conditioner, taking a multi-vitamin; I was willing to do anything and everything.

I decided to try the serum. Since my hair is fine, I applied it at night and massaged it in then washed it out in my morning shower. I used it every night until the first bottle I had of it was gone. I should also note that I added some cypress oil to the serum as I read an article about that also contributing to hair growth.

Since beginning to use, my hair has grown immensely faster than it had in years. My hair usually gets to a length about 3 inches below my collar bone and stops growing or appears to because of the breakage I experience on my ends. My hair is now 4.5 inches below my collar bone. I also have noticed new hair growth sprouting up as well.

One negative is that the application is difficult. It used to come with a dropper and that was decent but difficult to control amounts. Now there is a pump top that you put the product  in your hands first and then massage in, but I am unable to apply directly to my scalp as I could with the dropper, which is where I preferred to put the serum.

Another negative is that if I were to apply it to clean hair as it suggests after a shower to damp hair and then style like normal, it would leave my hair greasy no matter how little I tried to apply. So, I think it is always best to rinse it out.

Overall I would give this product a 4/5 for my satisfaction with the product and I really think everyone should give it a try if they are wanting to grow out their hair.



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