It was my first time at Flaming Gorge, WY and I was only there for one day. The drive was a long one and I hate to say it wasn’t worth it, but it wouldn’t have been if I hadn’t of found the stick for this project. It was a windy day and the water was choppy. I was bundled up and hidden from the sun making it impossible to get a tan. I would have to say the best part was the drive there through the tall pine trees talking and listening to music with my sweetheart.

We were going to spend time with his family, which was fine, but neither of us wanted to spend the time or money going all the way up there. After our chilling boat ride and snacks, we went back to have steaks at their campsite.  While the steaks were overcooking as they always made them, we walked down to the shore of the water and skipped and collected rocks. It wasn’t long before TJ (that’s his name, did I mention that?) began hitting rocks into the water with a stick he had found. I also scavenged for a stick and began swinging like the baseball player I never was. There were loud echoes every time the rocks hit the water-beaten sticks. I hit a few more and then some really big ones, and then I realized that I was holding a pretty cool stick perfect for a macrame wall hanging.




Craft rope of desired thickness- About 23 yd.
Stick, pole or anything you want to tie knots on
Measuring tape



Begin by measuring and cutting 7 strands of rope, equal length. I cut mine about 6 1/2 feet long. Fold them in half and then use the loop at the top to pull the loose ends through around the stick you are using. Make sure they are fastened approximately equal length apart from each other as well.

To begin the pattern, I crossed the 1st and the 4th rope, leaving two in the center, left over right like in a simple square knot. Loosen the two strings you just crossed and pull the 2nd and 3rd string through the middle then tighten. Repeat crossing the 1st and 4th rope and the pull through to complete your first knot.

Now use the 4 strings that are now two in from the left to repeat the knot pattern as above. Every time you repeat the pattern, use the last two strings from your previous knot as the first two strings for your next knot.

When you near the bottom of the ropes, you can make the knots right next to each other by using the next string over instead of skipping two and knot across the entire bottom, or you can also just leave the ends loose after your last pattern of knots.

No project is perfect the first time you complete it, at least for me, but it is something that I put time and effort into and it isn’t something that I  bought at a store that was a mass produced and unoriginal item, it’s mine. So if you are unsatisfied the first time you create a wall hanging, start again, and if that one still sucks, start another one, or give it to your mom, because she will love anything you make, no matter what it looks like.

Be perfectly happy no matter how imperfect your project is, because it is yours.



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